Strawberry Fields

Even though I had a lot of work this weekend, I managed to get away for a few hours to go out and pick strawberries. My friend J had taken the initiative to arrange a small trip out to Hollin Farms in Virginia, where we spent a couple of hours picking strawberries, beats, carrots, and beans. It was a beautiful day and it was lovely being out in the countryside for while. (The farm is 12 miles away from the nearest gas station according to one of their staff, though of course nothing here is more than a mile or so away from a freeway.) In addition to getting a high does of vitamin D out there in the field (proven by all the freckles that since cover my face), I now have a freezer filled with delicious compote – sans additives and other artificial ingredients!

For anyone who enjoys compote or warm berry sauces to the ice-cream in the winter, I can really recommend making it yourself. Super easy and all natural!

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