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This is a lifestyle blog for dreamers like me, who still believe that we can make this world a little better. For those who believe that we together can do something about all the challenges that we and our planet face, but also appreciate what a remarkable place our world really is and who are as eager as I am to discover all that it has to offer. I’m hoping that this blog can give a little inspiration to others who would like to do more for this world, even if just in the little things, or just want to see a few pics from places off the beaten track. My passion is food and travels so a lot of my posts will be on these topics.

Originally from Sweden, my studies and work have given me the opportunity to live in many different countries, from France and Italy to Moldova and Guatemala. I’m now settled in Washington DC since a few years but my work as an agriculture economist in international development still takes me all around the world and gives me the opportunity to meet so many different people, from farmers and food producers to researchers and government officials. I hope you will enjoy my posts! Please feel free to send comments or questions on travels, food and agriculture, or development issues in general. Or anything else that comes to mind! You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @asagiertz.


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  1. Grattis på födelsedagen en dag fylld av arbete, god mat och trevligt sällskap hoppas vi,
    Vilka äventyr du varit med om och du kan verkligen titulera dig fotograf. Vilka fantastiska bilder du tagit det känns som om man kan vara närvarande. Vi har det bra i vackra Stockholm våren är på väg, sommaren faktiskt då temperaturen är minst 10 gr under dagen en vecka i
    Sträck. Vårt stora Alm träd utanför sovrumsfönstret står i grönska. Kram och ha de gott

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