My Popular Cooler Bag

I started to bring lunch to work. Not because we don’t have good food in our lunch cafeteria. Actually, I have never been to a place with a better cafeteria than my work place. We have good-quality food from all over the world to affordable prices – it is great! However, with my aversion to air-condition, I have (as I wrote the other day) now taken the habit of escaping out to Lafayette Park at lunch. I used to bring something with me from our cafeteria, but already after a couple of days I started feeling so bad about all the trash it created. I have never been to a place where there is so much packaging; a lunch easily fills up quarter of an office trash bin. So now I make my own lunch at home and bring to work in order to avoid creating so much waste. As bonus, I get to use my little two-dollar cooler bag that I got at Whole Foods last year for the summer pick-nicks and believe it or not, I get so many compliments for it. Kind of funny!

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