Rainbows All Over My Neighborhood

Being in the world’s richest country, where there is plenty for everyone, and yet seeing so much poverty around me, and hearing so much hate and condemnation from politicians, religious fanatics, and media profiles, sometimes make me feel like trying to make this world a better place is a lost cause. But then I step out on a day like yesterday, at the peak of the Pride Festivities in DC, and I see men and women breaking century-old gender stereotypes to truly be themselves. I see aging same-sex couples hand in hand, finally living in an time when they can be open about their relationships. I see people from all over the world, gay and straight, taking part in the celebration and decorating the restaurants around my neighborhood with the color of the rainbow. And I think that things are after all changing for the better and that there is hope for our world after all!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me when the parade passed by, but the streets were filled with people who celebrated all day. All the restaurants on 17th street right next to me are decorated similar to the one on the picture above. The rainbow wrapped church down the street from me is however unfortunately an exception among the religious organizations here. 

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