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Snails and their Fans: One of my First Impressions of Moldova


Around my third week here in Moldova, my colleagues Olesea and Tatiana brought me to a concert at a club in the centre of Chisinau. The band that was playing was called Snails, and according to Tatiana, they were really good. And they were. Great actually! They did mostly covers, from the Beatles to Radiohead, but also some own material. And they really rocked! The singer, Lilian, had a fantastic voice.


The club was filled with young indie-pop styled Moldovans, and with the music, they created a really cool scene. I was super impressed and thought that Moldova must be a really cool country. And it is! But the super cool, somewhat alternative Moldovans that I saw there only seem to come out when Snails is having a concert. Since then, I have seen them on stage a few more times and they are really good. I have also bumped into Lilian, the singer, at a few work-related meetings as he during daytime, when he is not a rock star, works for an organization that manages a TB-HIV/Aids project. (Which of course makes him even cooler.)


Anyway, they recently released a new album, “Nu-mi pasa”. And here they are on stage:


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