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The Funniest Thing I Have Read in a Long Time


Maria Å sent me the link to this blog a while ago and it is soooo funny. Normally, I hate generalizations and cultural and gender stereotypes, but I have to say that I do recognize myself in this. A bit too much actually.


The blog is called Stuff White People Like. It is not really as colour-bound as it might sound, it is rather referring to a certain group of upper middle class, well-educated, liberal, environmentally aware Americans. It might just as well have been called Stuff People from Stockholm City Like. Or Stuff Staff of International Organizations Like.


Every week or so, it brings up a new topic that “White People” (or the mentioned categories above) like. And I fit in so well in this category. From my unpaid internships (#105), my efforts to buy organic food as much as possible (#6), my love for owning books, and my interest in architecture (#34) and renovating old houses (# 37, like what we do with our summer house), to my bangs (#104) and my two last names (#22). And not to forget: My love for grammar (#99 – see my own post yesterday). And this thing I have for t-shirts (#84). Etc, etc, etc… I am embarrassed and feel pathetic! But then again, the author of the blog, Christian Lander, spent a year in Copenhagen and according to him, the Scandinavians are what this particular group of Americans that he is referring to aspire to be – we are their ideals. So I guess, I am not a follower but a leader! Eh, right…  


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