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Unintentional Change of Evening Plans

These past days have been immensely busy for me. So busy that I have not had time to even talk to people. You know, when every second counts. And due to the time difference between DC and Europe, everything that I have sent off late in the evening, has been reviewed and commented on when I have gotten back into the office again early next morning. So no room to even breathe. At times, I have felt like I have been in a TV series, where the junior is seemingly left alone as a test to see if he or she manages to solve the problems and fly on their own, while in reality a senior is watching him or her. But it is probably not the case. And right now, I am terrified that I have made a really big mistake. But that, I will not find out until tomorrow.

This evening, I again sent something off that was really urgent. After that, I met up with Patrick, an acquaintance from Rome who lives here since many years (except for when he was in Rome of course). It was really nice to see him again and to catch up. He is basically the only person I know here outside of work, which is a bit of a nice change. He also took me to a really cosy tea place just a few blocks from where I live, where I am sure I will spend a lot of time in the future. Tea, because I needed to go back home and work. But now that I got home, I realized that I forgot my papers in my office and thus cannot finish this thing. Not very good of course, but quite relieving to not have to work…

OK, wish me luck for tomorrow!

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