This weekend was Thanksgiving weekend in the US and we had both Thursday and Friday off. I had of course some work to do anyway and was forced to go into the office Thursday morning to fix some things. And it was so strange to walk through DC that day because the city was completely empty. Like Stockholm on Midsummer. I could basically walk in the middle of the streets because there were almost no cars out. My office is located in a very administrative and corporate area only two blocks from the White House and nothing was opened there. I tried to get a coffee on the way and it was impossible. When I got back to my own neighbourhood, which is much more residential, I found a few open places.

I was invited to three Thanksgiving dinners that evening, but since I had to work all day, I only went to one. Which was probably for the best as I was full beyond belief after that. And despite feeling gratitude almost every day for being born in one of the richest countries in the world and having had all the opportunities that I have had in my life, I think that the most immediate thought that came to mind Thursday evening was that I was thankful to my new friends who cooked such a wonderful dinner. We had a very nice evening!

Nov 2008_Thanksgiving 003
Preparing the dinner
Nov 2008_Thanksgiving 006
And eating way too much!
Nov 2008_Thanksgiving 004

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