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Swedish Saturday


Yesterday was a very Swedish Saturday. Valerie and I started the day with breakfast at a lovely little bakery that is just a few blocks away from here on Q Street. We then went to a Swedish Christmas bazaar that I had been invited to. The main purpose was to get some stuff for an Advents glögg/coffee that we are planning in a few weeks, but it was also a good occasion for me to get in touch with the Swedish community here in DC (especially now prior to St Lucia, to find out where they have concerts).


After that, I took the metro out to IKEA in Maryland. I was quite organized actually, and had already looked a bit on their website to see what I wanted, and even measured my apartment. However, in the end, I did not buy any furnishers, because I needed time to think a bit more before deciding what I actually want. But I got some small thingies for the kitchen, candles, etc (i.e. the usual IKEA stuff), AND I had Swedish meatballs with lingonberries at the restaurant, so I was happy. (I also thought I would get some food from the Swedish shop, but as usually, once I finally got there, I was too tired and already carrying too much, to even want to think about getting more stuff.)


Both on the way there and back, I was at the same bus as a couple, so we started chatting, and it turned out that he had just moved here to work for a development consultancy firm. So we exchanged contacts. Sometimes, you meet people in the oddest ways!


Other than that, this weekend has been freezing cold. It is only around 0 centigrade, but windy and humid, and though I am dressed warm, it is like the cold penetrates through my clothes and scratches my skin. The funny thing is that every time that I, in these past two weeks, have told an American here that I am from Sweden, the first reaction is always: “Oh, it must be very cold there!” Seriously, compared with this, how cold is very cold?? And no, it is not as cold has here!


Just spoke with Maria S, who asked me to post pics of my apartment and the view, so here are two. And more to come once I get furnishers.


Nov 2008ii 012

My livingroom


Nov 2008ii 015

And my fantastcic view from my window.


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