My Life

The Most Blending-in Person Ever?


While enjoying the sun in a park in Tashkent, a small French speaking group with an Uzbek guide sat down next to me. The guide started telling a very interesting story about the history of the region, and obviously, I stayed and listened. Wearing my Puma sneakers and jeans and top of European brands, I thought I screamed foreigner. I also assumed that it was quite evident that I was listening to the 20 minute lesson of Uzbek history and religion. So when they left, I nodded and mumbled a “merci” to the guide. I guess he did not hear what I said because he smiled back at me and said “Salom Aleikum”.


Even if I might be taken for Russian, I sure do not look Uzbek! But this happens all the time. I can hardly be in a country for more than a day before locals come up to me and ask for directions. It’s incredible! I, myself, spot foreigners at miles distance. Would I not constantly be told how people remember me from the most unlikely places (a while ago, I even met a person who recognized me from the supermarket), I would be worried that I am enormously grey and invisible. But I guess I am just blending in. Like a nationality chameleon?

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