On Uzbekistan

Last Weekend in Uzbekistan


Written on March 22, 2008


After almost three weeks in Uzbekistan, I am getting ready to go home. Not because my stay here has not been nice but because I feel like we have don what we came to do. And I have to admit that after five weeks of traveling, I am starting to miss Chisinau and everyone there. But I really have had a wonderful time here in Uzbekistan. I have met so many people and learned so much, not the least from my colleagues. I hope that I get to go back to this very quiet country that in so many ways seems so isolated from the rest of the world and where life seem to be acceptable but without passion and curiosity. Where despite laughter there seem to be a bit of melancholy in the air.


Except when the women dance. Then the room is lit up and the energy is there. And the women seem truly alive. It is fantastic!


Finally, one of the best discoveries was that I now get around with the little Russian that I know. It really facilitates traveling in this region and opens up more than ten new countries for me.


For more information on what we did in terms of work, please visit the Country Office’s website where I have written an article on one of the events that we organized.

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