The world is upside down


We have a hail-storm here in Chisinau and it is 26 centigrades and sunny in Stockholm. But they are on the other hand predicting an abnormally hot summer here in Moldova, so I guess we should be happy about the water. And the Ministry of Agriculture has assured us over and over about the efficiency of their anti-hail rocket system that they have in place (no, this is no science fiction novel form the 1950s), so the farmers should relax and not fear for their crops.


Personally, I am locked up in my office since a few days, trying to finish a number of reports and analytical papers. But it is Sunday after all and so I am soon off for coffee break with Felicia, a former colleague of mine from the Ministry of Agriculture, in whom I have found someone equally interested in agricultural economics.


Tonight, I am going for dinner with a few friends at Chisinau’s Gondolen. Yes, all my Stockholm friends, we have one here too. Perhaps not equally luxurious or with the same view, but after 18 months here, I am not so picky…

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