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This weekend started very slow. Three of my closest friends were out of the country, two from my extended circle were also abroad and onether friend was busy all weekend. And basically, I was too lazy to even bother to look further. Besides, it was raining all day Saturday and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees to what felt like freezing cold. So Saturday could have been dead boring if it wasn’t for my fantastic Romanian teacher Gallina who had given me two new grammar books last week. I LOVE grammar! Studying grammar is like solving the puzzle of the language you are learning: it just puts all the pieces into place. I got so into it that I actually ended up finishing one of the books.


I wanted to share this exaltation over my grammar session with someone so I texted Jessica, who is equally enthusiastic as me about the topic. She was at our summer house with Malte and his sister with family, and when I texted her, she had had just told Malte’s sister about her next to nerdish passion for grammar. Well, I guess it runs in the family!


Sept 2008 025

The pink and the small books were the ones I got last week


The rest of the weekend was more exciting. Saturday evening, I got an unexpected phone call from Linda, who lived here last year. She is now in Saint Petersburg for two years but had decided to make a spontaneous visit together with her former roommate, Anna-Marie. So we met up later for drinks and then again Sunday for both coffee at "513" and dinner at Robin’s Pub. Besides being super nice to see them both again, it was probably good for me to take a break from my grammar studies. Even I realize that having stayed in two days in a row to study Romanian grammar would not have been really normal…


Sept 2008 016

Anna-Marie, Linda and Sophie at my favourite bar "513"


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