My Life in Chisinau

A Sunny Weekend in Chisinau, a Cloudy Start of the Week


Apart from being a bit depressed over the Jane Austin movie, Becoming Jane, that I saw the other day, I hade a very nice weekend. Friday, I stayed in and watched a movie. I haven’t been able to sleep very well during the past week. I think I am a bit stressed about my new job and my move to DC. I notice that I am postponing everything that is related to the latter, which I think is because I do not really feel like leaving Chisinau yet. I am well aware of all the interesting things I am to expect over the next couple of months in DC and the HQ, but it does not mean that I will not miss Moldova, my life in Chisinau and my small circle of friends here. I also have a bit of a cold since I came back from Romania, so I decided to just crawl up under a blanket on my sofa and have a quite evening at home. Valeriu passed by for a while to say hi and to borrow a movie, but could not convince me to go out for a drink with him.


Saturday, he, Doina, their friend N, and I spent the afternoon in a very nice park with a lake close to the Center. We ended up having a heated discussion about South Ossetia, Georgia and Russia (the scenario being obviously somewhat similar to that in Moldova with Transnistria).


In the evening, we all went out for drinks together at the favourite hangout Admiral, along with my colleague Iuliana, Martin, and a colleague of his from the EC.


Sunday, I was invited over for brunch at Madeleine’s and her family’s place, and in the afternoon, all of us went again to the lake to spend the rest of the day in the sun. It was over 30 centigrades here this weekend, and it was really nice to have a last weekend just enjoying the sun before the fall arrives. I can’t exactly say that I am looking forward to it… But now it seems to be here. The temperature dropped today, and it is cloudy and rainy outside. So probably more movie evenings to come. Will try to stay away from the sad stuff though…


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  1. Alltså, ska du hålla dig till Jane Austen får du faktiskt köra på Pride & Preducies eller annat mer uppiggande… annars är ju Love Actually också bra :DKramis

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