My Life

Now it Starts…

A new phase of my life. Somehow, anyway. Leaving Europe and moving to DC will be a quite a change, and I will get a new and quite different work program. In other ways, this is just a continuation of something that has been developing over the past years. My work experience, the things I have studied in and since university, the languages I have learned – they have all been small steps towards this assignment. Many of the people that I work with won’t even change and I will remain in the same organization.

It is also a bit like a circle closing as my first stay abroad was in the US, though on the other coast, in Southern California. (I have to admit that I would not have minded our HQ being located in San Diego…) And it was there that my first economics professor, Mr Olds, made me see the world from a completely new perspective and in whose classes I just fell in love with the topic and decided to become an economist.

Anyway, before leaving Moldova, I have a very exciting month ahead of me with a lot of travelling to look forward to. In the end of September, my entire office is going to Turkey for five days on a regional conference together with colleagues from Kyiv and Minsk. About a week later, I am going to Macedonia and Albania for two weeks for my new job. And during the week of October 20, I will finally get on the plane to DC. But already this week, I am looking forward to an advanced role on one of out teams that is coming in from the HQ. Today I am having an early start at the office, getting prepared for the new week!

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