A Theory on Packing

I am packing again. This time for a 4-week trip to Europe starting Saturday, first to Moldova and then to Romania. And yes, I am going for work. I am so looking forward to it. It seems like six weeks is as much as I can take here in DC, after that I get really restless. So I already started packing, even though there are several days left before I am off. I have realized that when I am really eager to go somewhere, I start packing early, but when I don´t really want to go, I start packing last minute. Does anyone recognize this?

lugageAnd no, this is not my luggage!

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  1. Haha! Ja, precis! Tror jag skulle gora ett valdigt seriost intryck om jag hade ett reseset som detta nar chaufforerna kommer och moter mig pa flygplatserna nar jag ar ute pa jobb! Development Worker Barbie!

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