I Think I’m In Love

I’m watching Larry King Live on CNN and tonight’s guest is Bill Maher. I recognize him of course, but I have never seen him on TV . During this year here in the U.S., I have never seen anything similar. He is the most outspoken person I have ever heard here. Or non-republican or beyond republican outspoken persons (not to forget Rush and Glenn.). At least since Stephen Colbert held his famous speech to George W. Bush at the White House Correspondences’ Dinner a few years ago. In this interview, Maher accuses the majority of Americans for being stupid, ignorant, and uninterested, the U.S. media for not paying enough attention to what happens around the world, Dick Chaney and other Republicans for lying, both elected Republicans and Democrats for being corporatists, the U.S. political system and especially the Senate for stagnating political decision making, the Tea Party movement (or the Tea Bags) for being a joke, religious people for never doing charity without a catch, etc, etc, etc. It was quite relieving actually, to hear an American saying all this out loud on a relatively neutral channel like CNN. Not that I don’t love my current home country of course, but there are certain things that are generally accepted here as the superior way that still remain a question mark. I fear a bit for Maher’s life though – I think he might make a lot of people here very upset. The interview is of course not out yet, but here is another recent clip that I found on YouTube:


When surfing around a bit, I see the he is the person who made Religulous, which I haven’t seen yet but intended to do. It also seems like he is on Twitter, and for the first time ever, I am considering getting an account. I think I’m in love! 

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