Snowing Again

No, I am not accidentally re-posting one of last weeks texts, it is actually snowing again. I doubt that we will get as much snow as last week though. The snow these past weeks has however started some debate on whether global warming is really an issue. Or debate might now be the right word. Some loonies on Fox News are claiming that this is proof of global warming being just a leftist invention. (I have still to figure out why they are still so stuck on this idea this since I think even the major oil companies are accepting that global warming as a result of greenhouse gas emissions is taking place.) Anyway, this view was voiced in the media to the extent that CNN actually brought in some experts that could explain the difference between weather and climate, and the link between climate change and extreme weather. Not sure what to say, but if you want a good laugh, here is a clip from Fox News (I would be laughing even more, though, if not so many people here think that this is a good source of information):

It is George Washington’s birthday today, so we are celebrating President’s Day here in the U.S. I.e., we are having the day off. Or at least those of us who are Government employees or civil servants of some sort. President’s Day also means sales. Actually, many holidays here are celebrated with great sales (I will get back to this topic sometime because it is really something completely different than in Europe) and my plan was to go out shopping a suite or two for work. But slacking around in my apartment was too tempting and so now, at 16:30 in the afternoon, I am still fixing with things here. (I.e. I again found an excuse to not shop!) I have instead devoted the day to really cleaning my apartment, including clearing out one of my walk-in closets to turn it into something more creative, chatting with Maria S, and I will soon spend the rest of the day studying Romanian. Not exactly helping the recession, but I still think it is a better use of a day than hanging out in department stores!

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