Happy St. Valentine’s Day Everyone!

I  would like to wish all my wonderful family and friends a lovely St. Valentine’s Day! (In Sweden, we call it the Day of All Hearts, and it has a broader meaning than being a day only for couples.)  I really miss you a lot here in the U.S., so lots of hugs and kisses to all of you!


The entrance to the building in Verona with the supposed balcony from Romeo and Juliette, where people have left notes and messages to their loved ones. (From my visit there in 2006)

I, myself, am appropriately dressed in a red top and am spending the day eating chocolate and reading Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. I have read it over ten times, so I got an annotated version this time, to learn a bit more about the time period and the literary references. It is also my first English version.


A lovely day to all of you!


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