Working With an Open Window

I’m having a lovely morning in the office! The weather is warm and sunny outside but not too hot, and when I arrived in the visitors’ office space, someone had opened the window and a light breeze filled the room along with the sound of birds singing outside. It is so much nicer to work with fresh air around and in daylight, than in the large, artificially ventilated and artificially lit office environments that tend to be more common than not now a days, and my productivity is definitely up (especially with a cup of delicious Rwandan coffee). It’s kind of ironic, though,  that fresh air and daylight feels like a luxury. I also have a theory on how these artificially climate-controlled environments affect our food habits, but more on that later. Tomorrow, work will take me to Lake Kivu for meetings, so I suspect that I can look forward to more fresh air.  


I got a small, basic phone with a local sim card, and ironically it takes me forever just to send a text or make a call (to the amusement of my team). It’s funny how quickly we adapt to new technology! 

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