In Rwanda Again

I’m back in Rwanda. This time I’m here with a larger team and we are looking at different options to decrease volatilities and the impacts of risks in primarily agricultural production. I’m glad to be back because I really enjoy working in Rwanda. This time, I will get to see Lake Kivu, as I have meeting booked there. I also look forward to catching up with the two acquaintances from my Moldova days, who contacted me when I was here two weeks ago (the world feels really small sometimes). Admittedly, I also look forward to drinking lots and lots of Rwandan coffee, having tree tomato (tamarillo) juice, and visit African Bite – my favorite lunch place in Kigali.  Here is a pic of Kigali; the rolling hills in the background illustrate why Rwanda is called The Land of A Thousand Hills! 


For DCites (and DC visitors) who wishes to experience Rwandan coffee the way the Rwandans do, there is Bourbon Coffee on 21st and L Street NW – a Kigali cafe chain that has found its way all the way over to the U.S. capital and a few other American cities. 

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