Lake Kivu

Today, I had a series of meeting out by Lake Kivu (about 3 hours drive west of Kigali, and partially in the Democratic Republic of Congo) and directly after I had to connect to a phone conference with Washington DC and New Delhi. So I ended up connecting to a hotel wifi so that I could call in to the conference via skype and then sat for 1.5 hours on the hotel terrace, overlooking the beautiful lake while discussing agribusiness in South Asia before heading back to Kigali. A fantastic work environment!  For anyone going to Rwanda, I can definitely recommend a stop at Lake Kivu – it’ amazingly beautiful! 

 Lake Kivu Rwanda  

Lake Kivu Rwanda  King Ndaba's rock   

On the way back, we stopped at King Ndaba’s rock (the folk tail about the rock is here) and these boys came up to entertain us with a song about the king. They sang really well in parts and had made a small instrument of a plastic bottle, a stick, and a string. Very impressive! There are clips with them on youtube, but they had improved a lot since. They even had appointed one of them as manager (their own word) to manage the money they got from singing. Very entrepreneurial! 

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