It’s a Small World

It is strange how there seem to be trends in countries to live in. When I was in my 20s, it seemed like everyone passed by Paris or London at some point before or during their university years. Most of my friends were of course Swedish at the time, but still. More recently, it seems like a lot of my friends have ended up in NY and also here in Washington DC, which may have to do with concentration of international organizations here on the American East Coast. But over the past two years, it also seems like Australia and Brazil have become hot destinations. I have four friends (of which two are together) who moved to Australia recently, and I have several friends who have found love in Brazil and have or are moving there. I have of course not been to either yet, but now since I have a reason to go, I started dreaming about both Australia and Brazil. It is also fascinating to experience how the world is getting smaller. I wonder what the next place will be? Probably somewhere in South or East Asia. Or maybe Dubai? Regardless, there are so many interesting places around the world that I am often asking myself why I am staying here in Washington? If President Obama has to leave town in November, perhaps it is time for me to do the same!?

And on the same theme, I give you the world’s most annoying song ever:

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