Kind of Amazing When You Think About It!

I just played a computer game that a friend of mine up in New York just programmed and sent to me. Isn’t that cool?? When I was a kid, we read this story about a little boy (Emil) who carved figures out of wood. He was in fact really good at it and it was an important part of the story. While kids are still kids, and Emil’s worries, life insights, and efforts to be a good person towards others apply also today, my friend just sent me a computer game that he programmed just like that! (And no, he is not a programmer.) Really cool  – amazing in fact – when you think about it! And this technology is not only here but everywhere. It is even changing my field of work: Text message and other mobile phone services have turned out to be a great mean for small farmers low in low-income countries to learn about better market opportunities and  to offer just-in-time fresh supply to supermarkets and traders. Less cool is that my friend now went out for a drink in NY while it is time for me to go to sleep in Washington DC. Yes, I know, I do have to be a little more positive towards my own city. I will try to write something nice about DC tomorrow!


Fresh produce stand in Skopje, F.Y.R. Macedonia: there is a lot of logistic involved in getting the veggies from the farm to the market, but technology makes it a lot easier.

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