All the Interesting People Out There

This is a lazy, lazy weekend again. Mainly because Mr. M is not around and that kind of limits my social life here in Washington. It does, however, give me more time for other things, such as writing. Today, I spent the afternoon at Le Pain Quotidien and made great progress on my book. I really like the main character so it is so much fun to write down her adventure! On the opposite side of the table sat a man who was also tapping away on his MacBook Pro (Le Pain Quotidien has a large communal table in the middle of their cafes, which I sat at today) and before he left, we talked a little. He asked it I was a student (as he said I looked young enough to be one – I took that as a complement!) and it turned out that he was an English professor who was in DC to give guest lectures. He gave me his personal card, which I thought was nice and I felt a little bad that I didn’t talk more to him, but my mind was a bit absent as I was so caught up in my writing. Anyway, I couldn’t resist googling his name when I got back home, and it turned out that he is a Harvard professor who published a couple of books. It’s pity that I didn’t take the chance to talk more to him – my loss! I rarely initiate conversations with strangers so I find it quite amazing how many nice and interesting people that so often start talking to me. I am really grateful that others are so much more outgoing than I am so that I still get to meet them!

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