Thinking of New Year’s Resolutions…

Since I’m a goal oriented person, I always make a list of things I want to do or accomplish over the year. I am still thinking about what I’d like to do this year, so I won’t reveal my New Year’s resolutions yet. I have a ton of things that I dream of doing but it is also important yet set somewhat realistic goals, and as I know that my spring will be quite hectic in terms of work, I thought I’d think a little more about what my focus should be. So that my resolutions don’t end up in this museum

My own trick is to just to have goals that I really want to achieve and not things that I think I should do. My motto is also that it is better to do a little than nothing at all, which often results in more than I expect because I start things without any pressure. But there are lots of advice out there, like this article on the topic, which claims that only 8 percent of all resolutions are kept. So if I fail, with this year’s resolutions, at least I am not alone!

National Park

Two of my goals for 2017 will relate to this spectacular view!  

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