Thinking of New Year’s Resolutions…

Since I’m a goal oriented person, I always make a list of things I want to do or accomplish over the year. I am still thinking about what I’d like to do this year, so I won’t reveal my New Year’s resolutions yet. I have a ton of things that I dream of doing but it is also important yet set somewhat realistic goals, and as I know that my spring will be quite hectic in terms of work, I thought I’d think a little more about what my focus should be. So that my resolutions don’t end up in this museum

My own trick is to just to have goals that I really want to achieve and not things that I think I should do. My motto is also that it is better to do a little than nothing at all, which often results in more than I expect because I start things without any pressure. But there are lots of advice out there, like this article on the topic, which claims that only 8 percent of all resolutions are kept. So if I fail, with this year’s resolutions, at least I am not alone!

National Park

Two of my goals for 2017 will relate to this spectacular view!  


So a new year, a new start in everyone’s mind. This is of course a little late, but this year, it seems like most blogs are lagging behind on this topic. Perhaps because everyone had such lovely Christmas holiday just like me? Or maybe because 2013 wasn’t too bad of a year for most people (and indeed the world) and then we don’t feel like you have to push for things to happen?

Over the holiday, I did, however, think a bit about what where I am in life and how I’d like me and my life to progress. Even though every day is a good day to set new goals, New Years is of course a good time since it has a given time period for completing what we set our minds on. As always, I have lots and lots of ideas, and not all of it necessarily gets done. But throwing out ideas gives me a smorgasbord (or smörgåsbord) to pick from, and in fairness, a lot of it does get done. I didn’t have so many new ideas this year. Most of my goals have to do with reinforcing habits or completing already started projects. Outside of work, my books are in the center – it’s time to finish them! The year is also the year when Andreas’ and my long-time plan of going to Scotland finally will be realized (we started dreaming about it on our last trip to San Francisco back in 2011 and the other day, we finally set a tentative date). A few other trips are also in planning, including to Montreal, Charleston and the Niagara Falls. But I think that my most important goals for this year really are those that aim at me growing as a person. Not just to be better at thing or learning new skills, but to be better. Last year, after the summer, I decided to try to do at least one good deed or contribute to the better of this world every day, and although I didn’t really manage this fully, I will definitely continue to aim for this this year. I will also remember to be grateful for what I have. I often get a sense of gratitude over things, but it is good to remind oneself of this at least once a day. This was also something I started last year but I will try to do it even more often in 2014. And although the years has barely started, I can already tick off two of my plans for this year: going to Florida and studying Russian. Visiting Anna’s sister in West Palm Beach this weekend was my planned Florida trip and this week, I’m starting my Russia classes at work. So I’m off to a good start!

Here is what my mind map for 2014 looked like. It’s in Swedish and divided between Work, Courses & Studies, Personal Travels, Projects, Blog, and Me. For of the branches in the Work (jobb) category stand for different countries and a region. So it will be an interesting year for me at work and I am bound to see a lot. As for the rest, it’s a little cluttered but I have a lot to look forward to – let’s see how much I get done!

Mind Map 2014