Short Stop to Clean the Stairs in Stockholm

On my way back from Montenegro, I managed to stop by Stockholm for a few days. I didn’t really plan it, but it coincided with my cleaning week in my apartment building. I have a small apartment in Stockholm and in order to keep the costs down, we share the responsibilities for maintenance of the building, including the cleaning of the stairs. And last week was my week. Lucky me! Stockholm was also hit by unusually heavy snowfalls in early December, and even though it was very cozy with all the snow, the stairs in my building were a mess. I felt very Downton Abbey! But it was great to have a few days in my little place, to spend time with my friends, indulge in Swedish Christmas buns, and to speak Swedish. I was only there fore three days, so unfortunately, I didn’t have time to see everyone that I wanted to, but better than nothing for sure. Even if I had to spend a couple of hours cleaning the stairs!


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