In an Empty Washington DC

After a very hectic first day back in DC with twelve hours of work on Thursday, it’s been really slow here. I have a report to finish before Christmas, but it doesn’t require weekend work, and both Mr M and Monika were away this weekend so admittedly, it’s been a little boring. I should probably try to make some new friends, but it seems like every time I meet someone nice, he or she moves away. A really nice colleague of mine just moved to Romania and another is moving to Austria after Christmas – it’s a hopeless city!

Instead, I went down to pretty and super Christmasy Georgetown yesterday to look for Christmas gifts. They closed down their Barnes and Noble there a while back, so I hadn’t been there since this summer. I found a couple of things, but I have to say the walk there and back is a lot nicer than the actual shopping!

Today, I took out my book, after not having written much on it since September or so (because of my dissertation), but even though I actually enjoyed reading what I’ve written so far, I didn’t really find the inspiration to write. I guess most authors go through less productive days. Hopefully, I’ll get back into it soon and can finish it in not too long. Perhaps a good New Year’s resolution for 2013? Now I’m watching Downton Abbey’s Christmas Special to get some Christmas spirit, which is going a lot better than the book. Can’t wait for next weekend!


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