Picnic at Great Falls

Yesterday, Monika and Willy invited on a picnic at Great falls with them and their friends. Great falls is a national park located about 20 minutes from DC and it was wonderful to get out of the city a bit. It was also fun to experience an American picnic. Monika had cooked amazing food (for obvious reasons, I was not asked to bring anything!) and I ate all afternoon. The main difference from a European picnic though was all the things that we brought along, which included chairs, enormous coolers filled with ice and beverages, mosquito repellent, an umbrella, and an enormous amount of any type of disposable item that could ever be necessary. The key is the car of course. Since we parked only a few minutes walk from the actual picnic location, bringing along anything that comes to mind is no problem. And to be honest, we did have a very enjoyable day and we had everything we needed!

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