Happy Swedish National Day

I am not even sure how to translate what we call this day since due to a world record in keeping peace, this is not an independence day, like other countries have. It is simply our National Day, the Day of Sweden, or similar. Later this evening, I will attend a picnic at the Swedish Ambassador’s residence, but before that, I unfortunately have to dedicate this day to analyzing agricultural expenditures in one of the countries that I work with. First, I will however, clean my apartment and listen to my favorite Swedish radio show: Lantz i P!. For the rest of you who want to celebrate the Swedish National Day, how about listening to the Cardigans or going to IKEA and having some Swedish meatballs with lingonberries for lunch? Or how about just spending the day thing of how your country can stay out of wars for 200 years? Though I know that this has not been without questionable sacrifice, I personally think that this is probably Sweden’s greatest achievement!

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