Memorial Day in Washington DC

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. It is Government holiday and I am off work. As on most if not all Government holidays, there are big sales going on. Sales are a big thing here in the U.S. When I first came, I was told never to get anything on original price. I didn’t fully understand this until I had been here for a few months and I realized that the original price is actually the least common price. It is just that people seem to feel better about themselves if they feel like they’ve made a bargin and so in general, things are 30-70% off. From what I understand, there is some kind of law that a good or a service has to be of original price for a couple of month a year in order to advertise the sales price, but things here are definitely on sale more often than not. So if you pay the original price for something, you pay 30-70% more than its actual price. And Government holidays are the big sales weekends. Not sure why this is, since for example Thanksgiving should be a family holiday, but apparently, that weekend draws record many customers to the stores and outlets.

Anyway, I am avoiding the stores and am instead spending the afternoon at Tryst with Martin.  Definitely a lot nicer!

May 2010 068 Cup cake and ice coffee at Tryst

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