Happy the World is So Small When I am So Far Away

Monday was my birthday. I have now reached the respectable age of 37! It is difficult to believe, especially given my somewhat unsettled life. No adult points there…. I have however done a lot more than most, so I guess that weights up for it though I don’t think one can substitute the other. My circle of friends is quite small here so I didn’t expect to be celebrated to the same extent that I used to be in Moldova (where birthdays are immensely important). But thanks to modern technology, I did get at least three dussins of birthday greetings from various places, from Juba to New York, Stockholm, London, and Chisinau, and other places in between. Maria did something super sweet and posted the Happy Birthday song to me on her blog! Very nice – many thanks to everyone!! Also, my colleague brought me a lovely pastry, and in the evening, I had a lovely dinner with Mr. M at my favorite place Kramerbooks & Arfterwords.

Tonight, I am having some friends over, not just to celebrate my birthday but also to celebrate spring. It is so nice that May is almost here!

This amazing desert is called Death by Chocolate! Needless to say, we shared it….

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  1. Happy Birthday to you!

    Here’s a greeting from another part of this planet – Germany. Maybe you still remember me. A few years ago you kindly invited me to your birthday party in Chisinau. I was the only “tourist” at that party and the swedish guy Lars who still lives there introduced me … long time ago.

    I hope all is well with you and you had a great birthday.

    Take care and all the best

  2. Hi Fulko,

    Thank you very much! But what a surprise to hear from you!! It was quite a while ago. (Four years?) Have you been back in Chisinau since? And how did you find my blog? Are you still in touch with Lars. He and I write from time to time.

    Anyway, I hope you are well! Take care and do check in from time to time!



  3. Hi Åsa,

    great to hear from you! You are right we met four years ago … time is flying. Back then one of the german girls who worked as a volunteer in Chisinau had a link to your blog on her site. I was back in Moldova last summer and also met Lars one evening. Do you plan to go back this year? Would be nice to catch up somewhere on this planet.

    Take care

  4. Oh yes, Linda’s blog! Unfortunately, I don’t speak German so I can’t read it, though I still check it out from time to time. It looks really nice.
    I might go back to Chisinau this year. I don’t work with Moldova anymore though, so it would have to be as a tourist.
    Like you! I normally write about my travels or stays on my blog, so if you see that we are in the same corner of the world, do let me know!

    Take care!

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