Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!! Mr. M asked me if I had found Jesus when I popped by his office with some Easter candy the other day, but I haven’t of course. In Sweden, Easter is more of a spring festivity: we clean out winter of our houses and bring in spring. A few weeks before easter, we put birch branches in a vase and decorate them with feathers and colorful eggs, and let the leaves break out in green. We bring in flowers and add small details in yellow and other pastel colors to our homes. It is really a lovely time of the year and as you who follow this blog know, I think it is important to celebrate these seasonal holidays. They are milestones over the year that otherwise risks passing too quickly in our often so hectic lives. So I invited Monika, Willie, and Patrick over for Easter lunch. Monika and Willie brought salmon and herring and I made lamb roast for the first time in my life.  It was very nice and the lunch lasted until 10:30 pm. I ate way too much candy of course, but that is probably also part of the tradition….

The Easter witches on one of the pictures is part of a Swedish tradition that I am not sure where it comes from. On the Thursday before Easter, the witches are supposed to fly away to their festivities with the devil. That day, kids dress up like small witches in scarves and aprons and with a coffee pot, and go around the houses, giving away Easter greeting cards that they have made, and getting sweets in return.  

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