Planning the Summer

My summer is taking shape and it is really full of things to look forward to! Sine my current contract ends at the end of June and I didn’t have any vacation last year and only 2 weeks the year before, I have decided to take two months off this summer. After my assignment ends in June, I will meet Therese in NY and spend a week there before flying back to Sweden. The plan is to just drop a few things off there and then go on to France where I will spend a few days with Elisa and Julien, and then go down to Saint Jean d’Angely for a week to visit Jessica and Malte in Malte’s parents’ house. After that, I think I will go back to Sweden for a few weeks, possibly via Paris, and spend some time in Stockholm and at our summer house in the archeapelago. Since I haven’t been to Sweden for over a year and a half, I have quite a lot of work waiting for me there, both with my own apartment and with my family’s summer house. As for the rest, I am not sure, but I am thinking of Moldova, Romania, or Rome. Or perhaps somewhere else. And at some point, I should pass by London to visit a friend there. Let me know where you will be in July and August and hopefully, we can meet up!

Looking forward to many lazy days in Central Park this summer (this is from when I visited Jenny-O in July 2009).

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