Climate Change, Nutrition, and Some Cheap Energy to Boost Productivity

As I wrote in my previous post, I am in an insane period right now in terms of work and studies, and hence the poor updating of the blog. Except for an AW at the Lost Society on Friday (my friend made a typo in the text he sent me and wrote losr society, which I assumed was short for Loser Society and found surprisingly self-ironic for a bar in DC – but no, this city is not there yet!), I haven’t done much else this weekend than working and skyping with friends. I have a couple of deadlines these weeks, and right now I am sitting with something that is due tomorrow. In setting the right environment for the weekend’s tasks, I piled up with M&Ms and Oreos – super unhealthy but oh so efficient when I need energy and focus. Luckily, I am working on Climate Change and Agriculture right now and thus mostly focusing on irrigation investments and resilient crop varieties and livestock breeds. Think I have to move over to Le Pain Quotidien or some other organic cafe in about an hour when I am turning to my nutrition policy studies!

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