In Desperate Need of a Research Topic!

I finally got some peace and quite around me, and am now focusing on my studies. I skipped dance class yesterday and studied until past 11, with only a few breaks to attend to things from work that I needed to provide input to. Today, my strategy is to stay away from my work e-mail until after choir practice this evening, when I have to finalize a briefing paper that needs to be submitted before the end of the day. Escaping the apartment is also a good way to make me unreachable and I have thus spent a couple of hours every day on various cafes around Dupont Circle, including Le Pain Q below! As I wrote in my previous post, I am doing a course in Nutrition Policy right now, and while immensely interesting, I am struggling with choosing a topic for my assignment that is due in less than a week. I probably should go back to browsing Google Scholar and hope for inspiration to strike!

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