Nothing New Under the Sun

OK, I realize that this is becoming the most boring blog ever, but my life is not that eventful right now. I hope that will change soon, but right now, work and studies are absorbing every minute of my day. Almost anyway. I did take the time to go singing with the Swedish Song Group yesterday, and even though it set me back several hours and I ended up working past 2 am to finish things before a deadline (I was writing briefing notes for a big government conference that is taking place tomorrow in one of the countries that I work with), it was definitely worth it. Not only is singing one of my favorite activities, it also fills me up with new energy and inspiration for other things. Everyone I know who has ever played in an orchestra or sang in a choir agrees that it doesn’t matter how tired you are or how little you feel like going to practice, you’re always happily bouncing on your way home. Right now, we are practicing for two folk music concerts in May during which I will sing the mezzo soprano part in a quartette piece that is part of the music piece we are singing. So at least there is something more in my life than agriculture and food at the moment. I think it is time for some traveling soon though. It can’t be good for anyone to sit still in one place this long, and especially not for a travelaholic like me. I have some ideas, but more to come on that…

The piece is called I välsignan och fröjd and is actually a folk music mass, with the same structure as classic masses but with very Swedish lyrics, mixing the marvels of nature and the extreme seasons with the divine. The concerts will be filmed so I promise to post.

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