Washington with a Hangover

The day after here in Washington DC. Since Mitt Romney took his time before he made the traditional congratulation call to the President and delivered his concession speech, we were all up late last night waiting for Obama’s victory speech. And with late, I mean until past 2 in the morning. So when I got on a very late bus this morning around 9:45, it was packed with people going to work. According to my colleagues, all the garages down town were unusually full because people seemed to have taken their car to work. The speech was worth it of course! He is a true inspiration, President Barack Obama, and an immensely good speaker. A little different from our European politicians…. (though I’m of course very glad they refrain from ending their speeches with a God bless..!) I have great hopes for another four years with Obama as president. Hopefully, the pieces he put in place during his first term will stabilize and be complimented with more reforms, which together will provide a solid foundation for the future. Though when I scrolled down the Washington Post today, below the articles on the U.S. election there was an article about the militants who shot Ms. Malala Yousafzai (the Pakistani girl who was shot by Talibans for standing up for girls’ right to education), and all of a sudden the U.S. elections seemed so unimportant. Obama’s victory speech is worth watching though:

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