Washington is Celebrating

We are all very happy here tonight in Washing DC!! Four more years with the Obama family in the house down the street feels comforting! DC is overwhelmingly democratic, I think 92 percent voted for Obama in the last election, and so the city is out celebrating right now. For you who were with me in Paris and Rome during the World Cup in football in 1998 and 2006, and remember the celebrations out in the cities after the French and the Italian teams won, this is similar. Only, it’s for politics! I hear people cheering and honking the horns in their cars in the street outside my apartment. The Democrats did fairly well in the Congress, and most importantly, women’s issues were at stake and people took a stand in several states. As for the Republicans, all I can say is that they seem to have missed that more people than white men with property have the right to vote these days!

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