Travelling in Eastern Europe Summer 2008

Blending in in Lviv


A few months ago I wrote on this blog how I tend to blend in quickly even when I go to new places. My first day in Lviv probably set a record. I had not gotten more than 70 meters outside of the hotel when a girl in her 20s stopped me to ask for directions.


Two hours later, I was sitting people watching outside the opera house and glancing through my Lonely Planet, when a TV-team came up to me and started asking questions in Ukrainian. It might have been about tourism and why I was visiting Lviv (I really have no idea since I do not speak a word of Ukrainian), but they obviously thought that I was Ukrainian or at least spoke the language well enough to do an interview so I can’t have looked too foreign.


After that, when I was walking around in area by the university, a guy came up to me and asked me in Russian for some place. And on my way back to the hotel, two girls approached me, again asking me for directions. They looked like first-time tourists from the countryside though, so I have some understanding for their mistake. But still!!! How Lvivian can I look?!


Jag i Lviv
Lviv-Åsa (from my first day in Lviv)


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