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Home on Vacation?


Last year, I wrote a text with exactly the same title. Then, the emphasis was on Home. This year, the emphasis is on vacation. Because this was my schedule in Stockholm last week:


Keep in mind that we changed all the pipes in my apartment building this spring, which implied renovating all the bathrooms (I made the blueprints for my bathroom in my hotel room in Uzbekistan) as well as renovated some electrical installments and all the ventilation in the building. Since my renovation implied taking down a wall and putting up another, my apartment was a mess when I entered it last Tuesday, with dust everywhere and with all kitchenware and a couple of hundred books packed down in plastic bags.



– Start cleaning the apartment

– Afternoon: Meet mom and see her new apartment

– Evening: Have dinner with Maria S



11:00 Optician

– Do a bank errand

14:30 Coffee with Jessica at Stureplan

16:30 Coffee with Eva-Marie at Lewinsky’s (chose song for the wedding)

19:30 Drink with Carro at Absint



– Morning: Clean and organize in the apartment

– Buy wedding gift for Jessica and Malte

– 16:00 Coffee with Andreas at Lewinsky’s

– Evening: To Eva-Marie, Björn and Julia in Täby – practice song for the wedding with E-M



– To Blidö – meet aunt Hillevi 9:30 in Täby, pick up some of Jessica’s and Malte’s packing, candelabras and linen napkins, and buy candles on the way out to Blidö

– Evening: Prepare speech for the wedding



Wedding Day!!! (Preparing the last of the food and setting the table took about 5 hours)



– Clean up after the wedding

– Drive back to Stockholm (we came back around 21:00)



– Continue to clean and organize in the apartment

– Mom is coming by the apartment to leave some things and to say good bye for this time.

12:30 Lunch with Maria Å

– Pass by Jacobs store with the tea from Moldova

14:30 Optician again

20:00 Coffee with Carro at Cream on Kungsholmen



– Continue to clean and organize in the apartment

14:00 Lunch with Tesse in the City

16:30 Coffee with Emma in Huddinge

18:30 Meet Erik and Cristina and show them the apartment, etc

19:30 To Maria Å and Daniel


And no, I did not meet everyone that I wanted to see while I was in Stockholm this time. And yes, I do have a bad conscious about not having time to see everyone, and about sometimes being a bit stressed when I meet up with people. Hopefully, Christmas will be a bit calmer…

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