The US G4 non-immigrant visa is now in my passport, I just picked it up from the US Embassy here in Chisinau. It is valid until 20 October 2013. And Monday, I was officially transferred to my new department in DC. It is starting to occur to me that I will actually LIVE in the US. Not just work in the HQ, but also build a new life in America. Will I become American? I think not. I think I am too European for that. (Atheist, liberal, politically green and pro taxes – I am surprised they even gave me a visa!) Or actually, I will probably just continue to belong to this group of people that Christina Lander refers to on Stuff White People Like. (In his last entry, under # 111, he is mocking my winter coat – I really have to change patterns and stop being such a cliché!!)

It is too bad that I don’t get to vote though, but at least I will arrive just in time for the election. I guess most of us here in Europe are following the U.S. presidential campaign closely and nervously (I don’t think it is a secret which of the candidates most Europeans are hoping for). I haven’t seen so many campaign TV ads for the candidates though, but I thought this one quite funny:


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