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A really good thing with travelling is that I have a lot of time to read and write. I just finished a book that I really liked: This Book Will Save Your Life, by A. M. Homes. It is a story of a man who is self-made rich but without any real goals in life and who goes into a mid-life crisis. I picked it up mainly because I was appealed by the cover, and I saw that some of the critics on-line were not equally enchanted as me. (The title of the book is for sure way to pretentious for its contents.) However, though nothing much really happens and it will not give you any revolutionary insights in how to live your life, I liked the characters in the book and it reminds me a bit of Douglas Coupland’s books. The language is good the story moves forward nicely. So if you don’t know what to read, this one is not a bad option.  


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