Reason for Joy in High Income Countries

A few years ago, there was a Swedish comedy show that in every program had “the high-income country problem of the week”. It would include problems such as the ATM being out of 100 SEK bills and only giving out 500 SEK bills (the equivalence of approximately EUR 50), or that the post-it notes wouldn’t stick properly. When Mikael and I were in Alexandria the other weekend, I found myself being truly happy about the fact that Starbucks had introduced what they called a “Short Latte”. Even the smallest Caffe Latte here in the U.S. normally contains about half a liter of milk (not really but almost) and is like a whole meal, so I was really happy to have found a smaller alternative. I guess that just like the weekly high-income country problem, this does say something about the shift in focus areas in my life after almost a years here in the U.S.. But I hear the warning bells ringing, so hopefully, I will be able to do something about it before all my attention is absorbed by non-problems!

October 2009 II 005 

“Short Latte” next to a “Tall Latte”

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