Rainy All Saints Day in DC

Yesterday was fun though I was a bit tired and not in the best party mood. My Holly Golightly outfit was alright, though the U.S. Halloween costumes are at a totally different level than at Swedish costume parties (which I have tried to avoid since I was in elementary school since costume parties aren’t really my thing), so I think I will have to make more of an effort next year. The costume of the year here in DC was of course Michael Jackson.

Today it is raining and so I am having a lazy afternoon in my apartment this All Saints Day. My insurance expired yesterday which means that I am uncovered for the day until my new contract starts tomorrow, and I am thus trying to avoid accidents. Eating Halloween candy and reading fiction seems like a safe enough activity – think I will do that for the rest of the day!

Halloween 003

Note the NY poster in the background!

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