No Adventures But Lots of Studies, Coffee, and a New Blog

No, life was not an adventure in DC this weekend, but I did get somewhat more enlightened on the topic of food culture and expanded my Romanian vocabulary somewhat. Why I am learning Romanian? Well, I am beginning to ask myself the same. It was useful at one point and who knows – there might be another adventure out there in the future in which my Romanian language skills will come in handy. By now, I am supposed to have reached the level where I can get through a novel, and so there might also be a new favorite author for me out there that I am now able to read in the original language! I only have to read two books this semester so I better choose them wisely if I am to find a new favorite author because I am quite sure they will be the first and last novels that I ever read in Romanian.

Speaking of favorite authors though… I did come across this blog this weekend. The Bennet Sisters – a blog entirely devoted to anything related to Jane Austin! Perfect for me!!

Fortunately for my studies, I am living right next door to Java House, which serves some of the best coffee in Washington DC. 

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  1. Hello Asa!

    long time that I did not read your blog, but here I can contribute something: For your Romanian reading try Mihail Sebastian, e.g. Jurnalul, Accidentul, or one of the plays 🙂

    Greetings from Brussels,


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