Can Life Be An Adventure Even in DC?

I’m not sure… After a really intensive week with activities or late-night work every evening, I now have a highly uneventful weekend in front of me. The few people that I normally spend time with outside of work here in Washington are busy this weekend, and since I have a lot of studies to catch up on (and am frankly quite tired after this week), I haven’t made an effort to contact anyone else either. Definitely a change from last weekend in New York! I am also wondering if this is really the adventure that life could be? Probably not. Or maybe it just depends on how present we are in the moment and how much of the small and big things around us in our every-day life that we really see? Perhaps I should explore DC a little more at some point this weekend!? Or just enjoy my weekend brunch at Trio, a meal and a place that would be difficult to find in Sweden. Or maybe the closest I will get to an adventure is through reading the Sisi biography that I bought in Vienna a few weeks ago…. Regardless, I am glad the weekend is here!

At the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court here in Washington DC a sunny September day a couple of years ago (photographer: Carro)

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