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A Travelaholic?


I am now fixing with the last things before my trip to Macedonia tomorrow. Regardless of how much I travel and how little I sometimes look forward to getting on a plane, being away from friends and my home, and having to stay in business hotels which look more or less the same wherever I go, once I have the ticket in my hand and a room reserved, the excitement starts boiling inside of me. I feel like I am off for a new adventure. Especially when I am going to a new place or to a place where I have not been in a long time. Now that I am sitting here with the print-out of my e-ticket in my hand, I can hardly believe that tomorrow evening, I will be in a city that I have never seen before, in a country that I never even really thought of visiting. And next Sunday I will be in yet another country for the first time. Two new countries that will become familiar to me over the next years; whose culture, history and politics I will learn about, and in which I will have new colleagues. I am trying to picture Skopje and Tirana and am reading up on things to see and on where in the evenings, when our workdays are over. I can’t wait for tomorrow!


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