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Sushi Dinner and a Goodbye


I am now on the airport in Istanbul, waiting for the flight to Skopje. I was on the same flight as one of my colleagues, so she was kind enough to bring me into the business launch. Am enjoying the free cappuccino while trying to look like I am always travelling business class.


Yesterday, I said goodbye to Erik’s and Cristina’s friend Igor. While I have known Igor for more than a year, he has not been one of my closest friends in Chisinau. However, he is a person that I have appreciated very much during my stay here. He is the co-owner of my favourite sushi restaurants, Wasabi in Chisinau. He is one of the admirable Moldovans who studied abroad and then decided to come back and invest in Moldova’s future, and is now one of these super-driven Moldovans that manages three jobs at the same time. In addition to the restaurant, he teaches business and marketing at one of the university here. So yesterday evening, I dropped by Wasabi for a last sushi and a chat. I hate goodbyes, so it felt a bit sad, but was is hopefully not for good.


Sept 2008iiii 009

Igor and I at Wasabi


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